Save time and money by simplifying technical communications between multiple teams working on the same project.

01. About Us We are Engineering Interface Solutions

We have worked on many large capital projects with companies including ExxonMobil, BP, Tullow, Hess, Anadarko, ConocoPhillips, Chevron and others. We understand the importance of interfaces, and how to simplify the management process through the use of WIMS.

50+ Large Projects
80 Billion $


WIMS only allows users to see what they need to see. Only see requests that need your input, and only perform actions that are available to you. No confusing input forms or complex instructions to follow.


WIMS is configured to match your exactly process. You define your workflow, and WIMS follows it. Tell us your current process, and let WIMS conform to you. No need to change the way you work!


You control access to all areas of your project. Users only see and modify what you allow. Show and hide full sections of your project. Control who can talk to whom. Only show users what they need to see.


All of your data is safe. Every change records who did what and when. You can audit the full history of your project. Protect your project and company against any future disputes.

02. WIMS Features Easy to understand — Easy to use

WIMS allows you to focus your time, money and effort on your project, not on figuring out how to setup and use complicated software.

Project Components -
Organizized,validated requests

Each request sent through WIMS is attached to one or two components. Connections between components can be validated, flagging potentially costly issues before they get expensive.

Multiple Teams
Internal and External users

WIMS was designed to be used by many teams collaborating on a common project. You can allow internal users to login with their corporate credentials. External users can be setup without going through your local IT department.


Fleible security options allows you to control what each users can see and do. The user experience can be targetted specifically for each uesr.

Audit History

Every change and action is thoroughly logged. Feel safe knowing your company and proejct is protected against future disputes.


Each request sent through WIMS follows an approval path that is controlled and defined by you. From simple to complex workflows, we have you covered.


Detailed reporting allows you to view your data as exportable charts, excel docs, or PDFs. Report filters easily let you extract what you need, when you need it.

03. Presentation Watch Our presentation

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04. Screenshots Intuitive Screens

09. Support Need help?

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